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What is it?

Take Charge of your Happiness. Happyer is a personal happiness tracker that helps you to identify which activities and friends improve your happiness through an easy and intuitive platform.

Some of the key features of the app are:
💠 Create entries by selecting which activities you performed with which friends.
💠 Rate your happiness level and also add notes corresponding to the entry.
💠 Track your happiness impact over time given any time range.
💠 Track your top friends and your top activities via a bar graph.
💠 Track your top friends for a given activity.
💠 Track your top activities with a given friend.
💠 Track the impact over time for each of your activities and friends.

Happyer is a modern way of journaling where one can record their day’s events and observations. We often tend to forget about events in our lives over time. Your thoughts are more organized as you record daily events, thoughts and feelings about your experiences. The goal of the app is to help you become a happier person based on past experiences. The app will help you to learn from your experiences resulting in mental and physical wellbeing and overall self-improvement.


General Flow

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