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Efficient scheduling and instant processing of payments (Stripeᵀᴹ) to your bank account.

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Generate automated receipts and prescriptions for insurance purposes.

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Your clients can book therapy sessions using your personalized link.

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Counsel anytime & anywhere

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Set your own rate

Choose your rate for one session and change it anytime.

How this works?

It operates in a very straightforward manner!

To begin, you use the above section to sign up. Then you fill out the listing flow with all of your information.

The following benefits will be available to you (therapist) once you have finished your registration.

💠 You will have your own link similar to this that your clients can use to arrange therapy sessions instantly.
💠 Your clients will also be able to book therapy sessions with you using the Happyer app.
💠 Your clients can schedule therapy sessions based your availability(setup during sign up), and we will create calendar invitations with video call links for the appointments.
💠 Stripeᵀᴹ processes your payments immediately when a session is scheduled, and the funds are deposited to your bank account immediately.
💠 Generate automated receipts and prescriptions for insurance purposes.
💠 You will receive a unique code that you can share with your client. Once connected using the code, the client can share their data with you. You can also maintain notes for each client. You can then access this information by logging onto the Happyer app using the same credentials you used to sign up.

If you need more information on this you could see the video tutorial below.

You could also email us at happyer4life@gmail.com, if you have concerns.

Video Tutorial

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